Hair Struck Towelettes

Hair towelettes is a disposble soft cloth, enriched with luxurious oils,that helps detangle wet hair after shower, leaving the hair smooth,shiny,and healthy.

Simplify your hair care in one wipe!

Purpose & Benefits

Tired of frizzy Hair?

The best post-shower protocol is to wring out excess water from hair with your hands and then to use Hair Struck Towelettes instead of a towel.

Hate Tangles?

Many people's hair holds excessive amounts of water after showering and rinsing, causing it to tangle. The towelette enriched with luxurious oils will help reduce tangles, leaving with smooth,shiny,and healthy.

The Modern Man

This Towelettle is chemical-free will keep your Hair and Beard in check!

Nourish your hair in one wipe!

Hair Towelette is formulated to nourish and protect hair and scalp while sealing in shine.


This product is AMAZING, unlike any other. My hair is more manageable and so shiny. Have the hair of your youth with this easy to use effortless wipes.

Allie Lawton

Amazing product. My hair is no longer frizzy mess and it is so much easier to brush. Instead of having brush full of my hair there's less. I love them!

Kaycie Fuselier

Love this product! Started to use Hair Struck Towelettes three month ago on a trip to South America, and it was so Humid. My hair was so smooth, and soft. They have become my go to hair care product.

Kay Anderson

My hair feels so good and silky after using the towelettes. I was afraid of my hair getting too oily but that's not the case. it just feels silky smooth!

Joan Brice

I have not used a towel on my hair since I started using Hair Struck towelettes and I will never go back! No more split ends and my hair is soft and smooth!!! I love them!

Kerri McGillicuddy

love them. I swear my hair is softer after using them,and less tangle when I brush my hair after the shower! I really hope you marketing them! Tons of people would use them!


 Used the wipes on granddaughter's hair. She half African American and it worked great for tangles and frizz.

Lisa C.

I've only used them twice but so far I love them! My hair is naturally straight and fine, but is chemically processed and damaged.

These have helped a lot.

Fennelle Miller